Mainframe Rehosting Solutions

Faced with the task to deliver more from their IT investments, enterprises—in particular CIOs and CFOs—are taking more of an in-depth looking at existing legacy mainframes, in particular mainframe migration and/or mainframe rehosting—and some of the questions they’re asking include: 

  • Can we save money through a mainframe migration strategy? 
  • Can we achieve higher productivity while maintaining our levels of service?
  • Can mainframe rehosting allow us to preserve our legacy assets?
  • Can we achieve minimal disruption to applications when doing application migration? 

A rehosting solution can provide enterprises with a solution that has the potential to increase productivity and potential reduce licensing costs (in some cases) while still maintaining its legacy assets and existing business rules that have been developed and refined over many years. Mainframe rehosting products should be evaluated carefully early in the process to determine whether they can realistically support the required workloads and needs of the organization. 

Mainframe rehosting can be a cost and time-saving alternative to a full-scale conversion solution that retains legacy applications.

Documents play a key role in most business processes. Yet many application migration efforts fail to anticipate the impact of system changes on document-related workflows. Often the question “how will we print and view documents in the new environment?” is not asked until very late in the mainframe migration process. It’s important to ask those questions early on in the mainframe migration strategy. 

VPSX Enterprise™ software provides reliable document delivery to printers and web-based document viewing facilities to replace legacy document archive tools. The capabilities of the solution, combined with the ability to communicate with LRS software running on a legacy system, simplify the platform migration process. LRS software runs on all popular enterprise computing platforms, giving migration project teams additional flexibility.

Modernization Challenges and LRS Solutions

When porting legacy IBM mainframe applications to open systems platforms, many basic elements of the printing infrastructure become unavailable. For example, there is no open systems equivalent to the Job Execution System (JES) spool used to manage mainframe print jobs. The VPSX Enterprise solution acts as a functional replacement to the JES spool, eliminating the need for modernization teams to deploy numerous costly Windows® print servers or develop new document management facilities from scratch.

Modernizing Success

Together with application modernization partners, LRS provides proven solutions to help modernization teams save both time and money.
LRS has over three decades of experience in providing document capture, delivery, management, and viewing/archiving software for legacy environments. Together with Micro Focus International, Clerity Solutions, and other application modernization partners, we provide proven document connectivity and formatting solutions to help modernization teams save both time and money.

LRS software prevents document problems from derailing your modernization efforts. Click here to find out how LRS can save you time and money while improving your output environment.