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Printing in Best of Class and Multivendor EMR Environments

Printing in Best of Class and Multivendor EMR Environments

While some healthcare organizations standardize on an integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution from a single vendor, others choose to deploy best-of-breed solutions from more than one software provider. These solutions may include EMR software from GE Healthcare, McKesson, Meditech, Allscripts, and other vendors. This approach gives each department the specific tools that best fit their unique business processes without compromising functionality for the sake of interoperability. 


By eliminating redundant print servers and other infrastructure components, LRS software reduces complexity and creates a faster, more reliable document environment.

 However, supporting numerous incompatible healthcare software systems often means maintaining redundant sets of print queues, device drivers, print servers, and other infrastructure components, adding unnecessary expense and complexity. 

LRS® Output Management software acts as a central point of control for all GE, Meditech, McKesson and Allscripts documents, regardless of origin or output destination. By eliminating redundant print servers and other infrastructure components, the LRS solution reduces complexity and creates a faster, more reliable healthcare printing environment. One that is both easier to maintain and less expensive to operate. 

Pull printing in complex EMR environments

EMR documents often contain Protected Health Information (PHI), and require special handling to ensure patient confidentiality. When a clinician or other staff member prints a record containing PHI, each minute the document sits unattended at the printer increases the hospital’s exposure to costly penalties and other sanctions — even in the absence of actual EMR printing problems.

LRS® Output Management solutions have integrated pull printing support to address your secure healthcare document delivery needs. Powered by MFPsecure®/Print software and hardware, a user’s queued jobs are released when he or she authenticates their identity via PIN code, identity badge, or other validation method. Custom device-resident software communicates with the core LRS solution to control and track document access for accurate accounting. 

Mobile printing for healthcare documents

Mobile Connector for VPSX® software extends the powerful EMR document delivery, accounting, viewing, archival and pull printing capabilities of the LRS solution to users of mobile computing devices. The free “VPSX Print” app lets mobile users print from any supported Apple® iOS® or Android® device to the LRS output management solution. 

Alternatively, users can email attached documents to the LRS Mobile Connector solution, which verifies user printing rights before delivering output to the appropriate printer. Either method offers organizations a simple way to manage printing in heterogeneous BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments without complicating your Soarian architecture.

LRS software streamlines EMR printing in some of the largest, most complex health management solution environments. Click here to find out how LRS can save you time and money while improving patient care.