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How do I inform the Drivve support in the case of errors? (Drivve | DM)

If an error occurs in Drivve | DM, you can inform the Drivve support team about it. To do this, you have to enable the error logging function and reproduce the error. The error will be written to an error log which is saved as a file. You can log on to the Drivve support page, create a new support case and attach the error log file to the support case.


To inform the Drivve support in the case of errors, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Drivve DM server, start the Drivve | DM Service Controller.
    You can find it either in the Drivve | DM administration folder on your desktop or in the Windows Start menu.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Settings.

  3. Select the Log tab.

  4. Click the  button and save the existing log file into another folder or delete them.
  5. Go back to the Log tab, tick the checkbox Enable trace log and click OK.

  6. Log on to Drivve | DM and reproduce the error.

  7. Go back to the Service Controller.

  8. On the Tools menu, click Settings.

  9. Select the Log tab.

  10. Click the button Create support zip file.
    The zip file is created and displayed in the windows explorer.

  11. Create a new support case by sending a mail to: (Drivve EMEA Support for partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa)
    OR (Drivve Support for partners in the Americas and Asia-Pacific)

  12. Describe the error as detailed as possible. Send also the customer number and the version of Drivve DM.

  13. Drivve support will send you an upload link where you can upload the support zip file. The support zip file is located in the following directory: ...\Drivve\Drivve DM\Log\Zip-Files

    Caution: Disable trace logging
    After the support zip file has been created, disable the trace logging:
    • Start the Drivve | DM Service Controller (Start > All Programs > Drivve > Drivve DM > Management > Service Controller).
    • On the Tools menu, click Settings.
    • Select the Log tab.
    • Clear the checkbox Enable trace log and click OK.