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Secure Pull Print | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Cirrato Secure Pull Print

End users print to a generic print queue. Print jobs are held in this queue until a user is physically at a device. Users can release jobs via card swipe, short ID or user credentials. This prevents unauthorized users to see potentially confidential information. Secure printing can be installed with a card reader or embedded. And with Cirrato One Embedded Print, users can continue to print even if the server is unavailable.

Improve Security

Documents are released only after authentication at the printer. Jobs can be collected whenever convenient for the user. Information about every transaction is sent to the Cirrato system for a full audit trail of who printed what and where.

Reduce Waste & Environmental Impact

People often forget to pick up print jobs, leaving a pile of uncollected paper next to the printer that then gets thrown away. Authentication puts a stop to this as printing will only start when the user is physically at the printer. After a certain amount of time has passed, the job will automatically be erased from the print queue. Using secure printing, customers report a total paper consumption reduction of up to 40%.

Remove Local Printers

Many organizations still maintain local USB printers for handling their sensitive documents. With secure printing, USB printers can be removed, while privacy is maintained and the output quality is enhanced by using with shared, multifunctional printers.

Differences Between Cirrato And Other Pull Printing Solutions

Cirrato offers single server printing, even in a pull print environment. Only one Cirrato server is required. The print job resides on the client workstation or on a handover point, where it stays until the user releases the job at the printer. 

In an environment with print servers, printing becomes unavailable if the connection cannot be established. If the connection to the Cirrato server is lost, users can still print on printers that they have used before.

The Pull Print feature is part of the normal license and does not come at an additional cost. If embedded software is required, it carries a cost per device.

All major brands are supported. Click here for a list of supported devices.

Cirrato works with the existing card system used in the company.