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Cirrato for Citrix | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Cirrato For Organizations Using Citrix

Organizations working with Citrix can greatly benefit from Cirrato. Citrix can demand a server intensive environment, with high costs associated with that. Cirrato can improve printing within Citrix environments. The Cirrato server can handle all printers and printer queues. Implementing Cirrato in a Citrix environment will offer organizations cost control, increased user convenience and printing availability even when the Cirrato server cannot be reached.

Cost Control

With Cirrato, organizations can apply print rules and forced settings for monochrome and duplex. 

In addition secure printing will end uncollected print jobs being left at the printers. Many organizations are confronted with large costs for wasted paper, toner and even electricity. A simple way to avoid that is to activate secure printing. The document will only come out of the printer if the user is physically at the device. Or choose Pull Print allowing users to pick up the document when and where they want.

End-User Convenience

Cirrato will back up the printers as part of the log off process and install them again when the user logs back on. Printers are installed by the time the user hits print, avoiding delays for having to reconnect when wanting to print.


In a traditional environment with multiple print servers, printers cannot be reconnected when the print server is unavailable. With Cirrato, the printers are reinstalled even if the Cirrato server is unavailable. So the user would be able to print.