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Improve Speed & Performance | Cirrato One Single Server Printing

Improve Speed and Performance  

With Cirrato Single Server Printing, slow print speeds are a faint memory - even in remote offices with narrow bandwidth and weak WAN links.

Slow printing is an increasingly common problem as organizations centralize their IT infrastructure. Centralization often results in fewer print servers, and these servers are often far away from smaller, remote offices.

In a conventional environment, when a user in a remote location prints, the entire file is sent over the wide area network to the print server, and then from the print server to the printer. Before the files are sent, they are usually converted to a printer-readable language, rendering them much larger. With such large files clogging up the network, printing is often slow for users in remote locations. (Other network services also suffer.)

These problems don't occur with Cirrato Single Server Printing. Cirrato sends print jobs directly from the computer to the printer and just once over a local area network. The data that travels over a wide area network are small messages - no more than 3-5kB for an entire print job including TCP/IP data and headers, regardless of what is printed. The Cirrato server retains full control over the printing and valuable statistics are collected and kept in one central location.