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AnyQueue® plays a vital role in the multi-platform distributed output environment. The AnyQueue solution gives you the capability to manage documents produced by all kinds of applications. Send output from any source to one or more destinations in your enterprise, whether that destination is an output device, file server, email server, or online archive, regardless of the platform where the document originates.

Multi-platform Support

AnyQueue operates on multiple platforms, including mainframe systems, Windows servers, Linux or UNIX hosts so you can choose the one that is best for your organization. In addition, software components are provided that enable output generated from other platforms to be packaged, compressed, and delivered to AnyQueue for output distribution and management.

Secured Transmission

The AnyQueue solution can encrypt print jobs and send the result to other computer platforms or to printers equipped with decryption hardware. The AnyQueue solution can also decrypt output sent from encryption software on another computer platform. The result is true end-to-end security for print jobs from source to destination.  AnyQueue supports AES encryption & decryption, as well as bidirectional communication with destination printers and servers.

Browser Interface

The AnyQueue browser-based interface enables users to view and print reports when and where they need them, no matter when the reports were processed. AnyQueue software also supports Microsoft Windows Active Directory user authentication and single sign-on using the browser interface. The intuitive user interface organizes print jobs into folders so users can find them easily, and allows users to attach brief notes to each document.

Assured Delivery

AnyQueue facilitates assured delivery by communicating directly with your printers to know when the last page of a print job has reached the output tray. Once that happens, AnyQueue can notify users via its Web browser interface or by sending an email notification that the output is ready. To ensure printer availability, AnyQueue software supports “pooling” routes. When one pooled printer goes down, this technique enables new output to be delivered to an alternate pooled printer. If a printer goes into error status, the AnyQueue server will retain the affected output so users can manage it.