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Automate, deliver and ensure compliance with LRS® Intelligent Document Bundling

Delivering the huge volume of documents generated by enterprise business applications can be complex and often have many manual processes.

When these documents critical to your business operation are difficult to manage, access, collate, and deliver, this can often lead to inefficiencies:

  • Lorries and deliveries are stalled until documents are printed
  • The manual process or sorting out of documentation slows your organization down - consequently reducing your number of shipments and profitability
  • Errors and delays can directly impact your order to cash interval
  • Missed service level agreements result in penalties, and ultimately a dis-satisfied customer 

Intelligent Document Bundling (IDB) from LRS provides the perfect solution, simplifying and automating business processes whilst improving reliability and efficiency. Taking you beyond the day-to-day office admin - providing you with smart solutions and innovative experiences that will multiply your productivity.

IDB delivers output generated by any application, on any platform, to any physical or virtual location. It automates the retrieval, sequencing, transforming, merging, and enhancing of multiple input documents into a single output document. This allows you to create bundled sets of customized documents to support critical business processes, ensuring the right information is in the right hands at the right time.?

Print Smart. Print Simple.

To find out how Intelligent Document Bundling has helped other organizations achieve leaner work processes and assured delivery - and how it could help you - get in touch to request a demo from one of document experts.