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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Delivering greater value from Managed Print at Dixons Carphone

December 10, 2015

This is an all day event

Thank you for agreeing to attend the LRS event “Delivering greater value from Managed Print at Dixons Carphone“.

As an existing and long standing supplier of Print and Output Management software to Dixons, LRS has insight into the many and varied output creation and delivery processes at Dixons. It is our belief that much more could be delivered through the combination of LRS software and the managed services around printing and the desktop. This WebEx will pose a number of questions to Dixons Carphone in an attempt to demonstrate where more could be delivered by the existing providers (including LRS). As an example, a Managed Print engagement is typically a procurement lead exercise to stabilise the costs of printers and printing yet typically little thought is given to the bigger picture. As an example, did you consider the output from the applications that support your business? How can that application output be delivered to “Pull Print” utilities?

Following your registration you will receive the detailed agenda and joining instructions for the WebEx.  You will receive a copy of the IDC Workbook “Better Business Outcomes with Holistic Output Management” following your attendance at the event.

Location:  Online

Timezone:  (GMT Standard Time)