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Enable Internet Printing and Scanning - LRS Webinar

Webinar Dates and Times

May 26th, 2021 May 27th, 2021
US Central 8:00 am US Pacific 11:00 am
US East Coast 9:00 am US Central 1:00 pm
UK 2:00 pm US East Coast  2:00 pm 
European 3:00 pm    
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The webinar will run twice please choose the most appropriate given your timezone.

Webinar Duration 30 Mins

Enable Internet Printing and Scanning for Remote, Home and Roaming Users Webinar

LRS® has a bold and comprehensive vision for Internet Printing and Scanning. Our objective is to support every print and scan feature and function that we do today for the corporate intranet environment, but enabling the connection between applications running in the data center (including private and public clouds), print devices and users’ computing devices to be via the Public Internet.

Join us for this live webinar where topics will include:

  • What is “Internet Printing and Scanning”?
  • Typical scenarios for Internet printing and scanning for:
    • Remote offices
    • Home Workers
    • Roaming Users

Who Should Attend?

If you’re in a Senior Leadership role that is responsible for your organization’s infrastructure, applications, desktop services, digital transformation, cloud enablement or mobile/virtualization you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Our Presenter

Brent Black - Director of Product Management, LRS

Brent works closely with sales, marketing and development organizations to monitor trends and define the future roadmap at LRS. Brent has spent over 30 years working in the print and output management industry.

Can't attend? 

Register for the webinar recording to be sent after the event here.