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Secure Pull Printing Solutions | LRS Output Management

LRS Secure Pull Printing Solutions

Protecting data from being exposed to unauthorized users is a top concern for large enterprises. Print jobs being left unattended in output trays is one example of how documents containing sensitive data can be viewed by any employee or even visitor. In some cases this even leads to company confidential information ending up outside the organization. LRS Pull Printing Solutions for secure document release can help prevent this from happening. Visit to learn how you can secure your entire printing process. 

To protect documents from being exposed, LRS® MFPsecure®/Print provides secure document queuing and print release capabilities for a fully-integrated pull printing environment. Print jobs 'follow' employees throughout the organization. Users can access any defined printer on the network and retrieve any or all of their queued print jobs by means of a proximity card or other authentication method (PIN, password).

Embedded Pull Printing Solutions

Customers using most modern MFP's choose to run MFPsecure®/Print as an embedded client on the device. This gives users greater control over their queued documents and lets them manage document workflows directly from the front-panel touchscreen interface.

LRS offers secure print software to support many popular print hardware vendors. These include:

External Device Integration for Pull Printing

Mixed Fleet

LRS can combine multiple embedded and external Pull Printing solutions to help you get the most from your existing fleet, regardless of device manufacturer, age, or functionality.

For devices that lack native support for LRS embedded secure print software, LRS offers the MFPsecure®/Print for XT hardware solution.  This pull printing solution works with nearly any device in your environment, regardless of age or brand.  The MFPsecure®/Print for XT solution consists of two main components:

  • An external card reader designed to read the ID information on user proximity cards and transmit the data for authentication
  • A controller interface that provides network connectivity to the printer

Universal Print Release

Universal Print Release software enables Pull Printing for the VPSX family of solutions using any web-enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet device with a browser. Once authenticated, users can initiate printing of one or more documents to any defined printer, MFP, or output device.