EMR Vendor Environment Solutions

To provide superior patient care, hospitals, clinics, and other medical providers rely on timely and accurate information from their integrated Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. By providing an accurate, instant view of a patient's status, EMR software helps clinicians and support teams minimize healthcare costs and patient risk.

From admissions forms to patient wristbands, HCFA forms, treatment notes, and pharmacy orders, healthcare documents play a crucial role in patient care. But while health providers spend untold millions on EMR applications, they often fail to consider how the documents created by these systems are delivered to the intended recipients. Without timely access to critical documents, the monetary and human costs can be staggering.

LRS® Output Management software integrates with EMR packages from Epic, Cerner, Siemens, GE and other best-of-breed vendors to provide reliable document delivery. From a single patient wristband to business reports spanning hundreds of pages, the LRS solution ensures that every critical page is actually printed. All while constantly informing administrators and users of document success or EMR printing errors.

When so much depends on reliable document delivery, you can depend on LRS output management solutions. Click here to learn how LRS can improve healthcare printing for better, faster patient care.